In Athens, GR-I-CE 2024 emerges as a transformative international conference, uniquely benefiting attendees, academics, and entrepreneurs across four impactful days. This event integrates cutting-edge research with entrepreneurial insights, offering attendees a chance to translate knowledge into actionable opportunities.

Discover GR-I-CE 2024 as a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration and real-world impact. Workshops and networking activities bridge the gap between theory and application, allowing research findings to actively address global challenges.

At GR-I-CE 2024 find a hub of innovation and collaboration, showcasing groundbreaking ideas and forging partnerships. Networking activities maximize collaboration, offering entrepreneurs the chance to engage with academics and explore avenues for transforming visions into sustainable businesses.

GR-I-CE 2024 is an immersive experience fostering personal and professional growth. The conference connects academic expertise with practical entrepreneurial wisdom, empowering participants to turn innovative concepts into tangible solutions.

GR-I-CE 2024 symbolizes a shared commitment to building a sustainable future. This transformative conference offers benefits that extend beyond the event, shaping a landscape of opportunities for all involved.

The Conference’s Participants will have the opportunity to schedule meeting sessions with other participants (i.e. Academics, Researchers, Startups and Companies Representatives). A dedicated platform with scouting and searching features will be dedicated for carring out B2B, B2A and A2A meetings, offering a unique opportunity for all participants to meet each other, exchange ideas and discuss cooperation opportunities.

Scout and contact with startups or any other innovative individuals of your interest via our B2B Meetings coordination system!

More information on the networking events will be available soon.

B2B Meetings

Engage in dynamic discussions and networking opportunities at the forefront of green innovation and circular economy solutions. Get involved in GR-I-CE and get the deals you deserve.


Leverage the thought leaders’ knowledge and explore innovation and technology trends.


Equip yourself with strategies to attract investment and refine your project proposals for green innovation. Seize the chance to secure funding and support for your initiatives.

Investment Tips

Dive into governmental initiatives like Elevate Greece, uncovering valuable investment strategies and tax incentives tailored to the green innovation landscape. Position yourself for success with expert guidance and insider tips.


Our conference venue is conveniently located at the center of Athens, at the “Kostis Palamas” historic building, the «Antonis Tritsis» Cultural Center Auditorium and other support venues, providing a comfortable and accessible space for our attendees.